Hot water problems

Whenever you encounter issues with the flow or availability of your hot water, you should instantly contact a qualified technician. We are able to directly necessitate both a plumbing and electrical technician trained in liquid heating systems for fast repairs. Our vehicles are stocked with all of the leading brands spare parts to diagnose the problem efficiently and get your homes liquid heating units going as fast as possible.

A slow leaking or incorrectly installed tank can cost you a great deal of money as it will not be running efficiently. It can also result in overheating, which presents an obvious safety hazard. We recommend getting these issues checked as soon as they are first discovered to avoid a worse situation down the road.

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with problems such as:

Low pressure

Diagnosing appliance fault

No pressure

Conversion to gas (Rinnai infinity units)

Cylinder replacements

Compliance and certification for both gas and electrical

Other problems can result from sediment built up in the tank. When liquids enter the tank for heating, dissolved minerals and other bits of sand or debris can be washed in settling at the bottom of the tank. Because many heater burners are positioned at the bottom of the tank, the build-up of debris results in ineffective warming, leaving unsatisfactory lukewarm temperatures. This indicates reasons why every so often, heating systems need to be regularly maintained and flushed annually. Technical diagnosis can also determine faulty points in the mechanism such as problem with the thermal switch, thermostat or heating element.

When colder liquids are introduced into the heating tank, a dip tube is used to regulate the flow. Cooler liquid is sent to the bottom of the tank for heating and circulation. A broken dip tube will allow cooler fluids to reside at the top of tanks, displacing the hot liquid and promoting a dip in the overall temperature.

Choosing an efficient hot water cylinder in Wellington is an important decision because these units draw large amounts of electrical consumption. Considering all the home electrical appliances you are likely to use; hot water cylinders will draw some of the most power from the grid with regular home use.

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Upgrading and replacement

At Water and Gas Plumbing, we have replaced over 500 hot water cylinders in the past few years. We have experienced technicians who can provide expert advice and recommendations on what is best for you and your family’s lifestyle.

An effective hot water cylinder can significantly cut your ongoing electricity bill costs and provide you with more reliable, higher quality flow. You’ll definitely notice the difference during the cold winter months where seconds make all the difference when you’re waiting for the shower to heat up.