New installations

If you are planning to renovate a professional food preparation environment, we can help you. Regardless of size and any specific requirements you may have – we can help you plan and execute an affordable commercial kitchen fitout with stunning results.

Save money and cut-out the middleman! At Water & Gas Plumbing, we are able to self-supply and install state-of-the-art cooking appliances, so installing new fixtures is easy and very time efficient with our services. We certify all our installation work, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the job is being done to the highest standard.

Our commercial kitchen fitters complete the job to perfection every time, ensuring that your new work environment meets regulatory codes for WH&S. Engaging our team means you can rest assured you’ve met your due diligence with your commercial kitchen fitout.


Gas problems can regularly occur in professional cooking environments. Whenever you encounter this kind of issue, it is always best to have your gas connections inspected by a professional. Water & Gas Plumbing can test your commercial regulators and appliances to check if they match manufacturer specifications. We have dedicated and quality approved service agents for all commercial cooking appliances. Our streamlined services help to keep your workspace running effectively. We can troubleshoot appliances and identify needed parts.

Our business is recognised as an approved agent for most leading cooking brands, and we have fast access to spare service parts. Whether you need a service or new commercial kitchen fitout, we have the services to match your needs.

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Common gas problems

Common gas problems can arise for a number of reasons. Surface burners can have difficulty in igniting due to clogged burner portholes. Unsurprisingly, correct maintenance of pilot lights and regularly cleaning all openings prevent these complications.The best option to avoiding any of these issues is minimise and eliminate any greasy surfaces.

Always wipe down and clean cooking surfaces. Regular cleaning not only improves efficiency but will encourage less gas by appliances, optimising performance use when cooking on lower flames.

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Removing grease is also a safety issue as grease fires can become serious fire hazards. Because water and oil do not mix, never pour water on grease fires as this can actually spread the flaming oil. To properly extinguish these fires, turn off the heat source and reduce the oxygen supply by covering the pan with a lid to smother it.

Noisy surface burners can also exist. This occurs when too much air or gas gets inside the burner mechanism. Because excessive airflow can be the cause, try adjusting the burners air shutter to see if that is the cause. Ultimately, problems should be left to our professional care to ensure gas pressure is properly regulated.