Whether you need domestic, commercial or industrial electrical related services we can help you! With our electricians based in Wellington, Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt, we have professional localised services for you no matter how big or small your job is.

Why choose us?

Our electricians in Lower Hutt and surrounds offer quality services that will always be promptly performed. We offer a full range of services, so regardless of whatever power requirements and needs you may have, we can cover it. We can perform various wiring and rewiring services along with any related installations and repairs. Common service repairs include installing a new power outlet, upgrading a switchboard and completely rewiring a house. All our services are performed by licenced electricians from Upper Hutt and other local areas.

We can also assist to reduce your power bills. We perform a range of appliance testing and repairs to ensure reliable, safe and cost-effective wiring installation or repair. Improper equipment installation damages energy efficiency which costs you money. Power costs continue to rise each year, so minimising your consumption with a more efficient set-up a smart move that will also add value to your home.

Safety is our #1 priority

We never encourage anyone to do their own home electrical repairs, even for minor service jobs. This is because any power wiring work without the necessary training can pose serious risks even though projects can appear to be safe, small and simple. Our electricians in Wellington never compromise on quality, with a conscious focus on strongly emphasising safety and excellence. This includes ensuring all power cords and wires are covered with safe insulation coverings. Similarly, a heavy covering can cause these wires to overheat.

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Getting a poor job on your power wiring, whilst saving money, has a number of negative benefits. Poor wiring increases the change of fires. Damaged, worn cables or defective appliances can also increase the likelihood of power surges. Always avoid doing the work yourself. Just the risk of electrocution alone is enough reason to stay clear. This type of work, as with other tradesman jobs, is bound by health and safety regulations. Further emphasising the reason to hire an experienced professional. If you don’t understand it, don’t try messing with it!

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Electrical safety is crucial in homes and offices. Dead outlets or faulty switches pose serious safety risks. Outlets should always be installed well clear from any water sources. When dangerous hazards exist, always call for our services without delay. Hire one of our electricians in Lower Hutt and surrounding areas to ensure your home or office wiring is compliant to safety standards. If you are worried about your electrical safety, put your mind at ease and contact us for a safety inspection. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer focused service which is all delivered at competitive rates.